Masdar Al-Hayat (Fonte)

Masdar Al-Hayat (Fonte)

Saudi Arabia

Application : Replacing , Programming & Configuring ADEPT CX SmartController for TIN Cartesian Robot.

Our team performed all required troubleshooting & maintenance to an old Cartesian robot to bring it back to life ; Some of our works in this project are :

- Replacing defective ADEPT CX SmartController by new one .

- Programming & Configuring ADEPT Controller .

- Tracing & Fixing Internal wiring issues .

- Tracing & Fixing 3-Phases Inverters connections .

- Fixing DeviceNet (WAGO) Modules.

- Power New DeviceNet (WAGO) Modules by DC.

- Fixing Robot Rail Limit Switches Issues .

- Updating As-Built Drawings .

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