Training Courses

One of ROBOTICS WORLD main aims is to transfer the knowledge & know-how to all engineers working in industrial field to serve their companies in better ways .

The gap between current engineering courses which still active at universities & latest technologies in the field is creating an outdated engineers which will cost their employers time & money to be synchronized with available technologies in their facilities .

ROBOTICS WORLD is providing unique courses based on theoretical concepts & practical aspects to students .

KAWASAKI Robots Basic Operation & Programming

 KAWASAKI Robot Operation and Programming Course is designed to offer basic operations, safety, and basic programming training to Kawasaki robot operators, technicians, engineers, and programmers. 

This course consists of approximately 50% classroom presentation and 50% hands-on lab exercises.

Course Goal: Upon successful completion, the student should be able to: demonstrate familiarity with all user interfaces and be able to perform all necessary power-up and power-down procedures. The student will be able to jog the robot in both joint mode and in Cartesian coordinates; create a Block Step program, teach a path, and edit and play back a path in both the single-step and continuous modes of operation.

This course is primarily intended for individuals who operate, program, and maintain the robot on a day-to-day basis, and other candidates who have the desire to be knowledgeable on the operations and programming of the Kawasaki D&E Series Controllers. Basic computer skills are required.

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