2D Vision System for KAWASAKI® Robot Fully Compatible with BASLER® GigE Camera & KAWASAKI® "KV-Assist" Program.

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ROBOTICS WORLD 2D Vision System®  is a Computer Software (Microsoft Windows x86/x64) for processing 2D images (Colored , B&W) and sending object coordinates to KAWASAKI robot .

The software is fully compatible with BASLER GigE Cameras & KAWASAKI "KV-Assist" software to allow distributing image processing results to more than one robot (Maximum 4 Robots) .

Package Includes :

- ROBOTICS WORLD 2D Vision Software®  .

- BASLER® Cameras Configuration Software  .

- HALCON® Imaging Software .

- KAWASAKI® KV-Assist Software . 

- License File (For 1 Computer Only) .

- Help File (pdf) .

* Software Packages will be sent to end-customer via download link (Digital File).

** Hardware ID (HWID) will be requested for proposed PC to run the software prior to sending software package (for Licensing Purpose) .

for more information : Please contact us via email : main@robotics-world-fze.com